Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nvidia Video Card Geforce 9500 GS on Fedora 10

It is not surprizing that the Nvidia video card Geforce 9500 GS is not properly supported in Fedora 10. The most annoying symptom is that the cooling fan keeps working at full speed making much noise. Here is the solution:

1. Go to nvidia website to download a copy of the linux driver. For my PC (hp a6652f), the driver is

2. Go to System-->Administration-->Add/Remove Software, install all the gcc compiler by searching gcc as the keyword. Install all the linux kernel by searching kernel as the keyword;

3. Gain root privilege in the terminal by issuing su and providing the root passwd.

# nano -w /etc/inittab

change the runlevel to 3 by replace 5 in the last line of inittab by 3; then

# reboot

4. After restart, input the root/passwd in the login console; Change to the directory of the downloaded file

# sh

5. After installation, issue

# nano -w /etc/inittab

change the runlevel to 5 by replace 3 in the last line of inittab by 5; then

6. # reboot

All set.



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