Monday, February 16, 2009

Install TV tuner in Fedora 10

It is a tough task to install tv tuner in linux. Here I install Hauppauge HVR-1600 in Fedora 10.

There are lots of TV softwares for linux, but most of them can not work without tons of Problems after installation!!!

1. Install drivers:

See here (

2. Customize vlc

open VLC player;

File -> open Capture Device -> PVR -> OK

then you can do (in terminal)

ivtv-tune -c25 (25 is channel number)

which changes the channel.

ivtv-tune -h

3. After 2, there could be no audio:

In terminal, do

v4l2-ctl --set-ctrl=volume=65500,mute=0



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