Friday, January 03, 2014

2001 Jeep Grand cherokee Wiper Arm Replacement

My wife has been complaining about the left windshield wiper that it couldn't clean the glass properly even with brand new rubber wipers. I pretended to keep a blind eye on the problem until she told me it was about safety of your family. So i decided to replace the arm together with the wiper. My reasoning for the replacement is simple: since the right part of the glass has been okay all the time and the motor works properly,  most likely it is because of the wiper arm is loose. As usual the dealership would not have the option to replace the spring in the arm. I have to replace the whole arm assembly myself.

The job seemed very easy:

Use a 10mm socket to take off the hex nut locking the wiper arm on the motor. Then release the old wiper arm and reverse the procedure with a new wiper arm costing $35.

The actual procedure was damn irritating -- the rust locked the wiper arm on the motor. It took me a hundred knocks on the old arm until I realized that I need some puller to do the job.

Firstly, i thought of battery terminal lifter, which is available at Autozone or O'Reilly with price around $7.
This piece is so crappy for my purpose: it was bent during the first try to pull the wiper arm. It is made of aluminum materials which cannot endure much brutal force.

Then I have to buy some stuff more serious: I went to Sears and found the Craftsman 2-3 jaw gear puller. Luckily it was on sale for $30.
Problem fixed in one minute after applying this puller.

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