Friday, June 10, 2016

My Jetta TDI is gone

A hail storm in my region damaged the windshield, and dented all around the body of the Jetta. Usually this would not have happened if I put it into the garage. However, I was afraid of the pipe waste of the diesel engine and decided to leave it outside.

The Jetta TDI 2004 had a mileage of 17.5k and was still strong. Except for the cosmetic damages, everything else was excellent:

1, Replaced by self all four brake pads/rotors;

2, Replaced three of the wheel bearings and bearing housings (I have all the necessary tools to do this job);

3, Had timing belt/water pump/fuel filter replaced at 15k miles (close to $1000 by a Serbian mechanic);

4, Replaced the tires with Michelin tire at costco (>$500);

5, Replaced the thermometer;

6, Replaced the brake vacuum pipe with check valve;

All together more than $3000 was spent after took it in for $6750 in 2012 -- I drove it for 4 years. It seemed to cost $750/year for maintenance.

Not a good deal but it drove pretty fun -- like a little toy with very good agility.

Traded it in to a VW dealership for $1100 after repairing the windshield ($200).



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