Thursday, February 07, 2008

Learning English-1

1. It is not like that.

2. Good thing+.......

3. There is nothing good playing/There is nothing good on TV.

4. I have gotten carried away.

5. I am glad you are bringing this up.

I don't believe you are bringing this up.

6. There is no other way of saying it.

7. She is coming on to you.

8. He was being polite.

9. Don't stand me up.

10. So that explains everything.

11. I can't help but wonder.

12. We have something/nothing in common.

13. What have you got to lose?

14. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

15. Don't get me started on it.

16. Let him off.

17. I will get down to it.

18. I think you are thinking someone else.

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