Monday, April 20, 2009

First catch in 2009

Last week I did not catch any fish but one of our "fishing" member caught 3 big carps.

This Sunday, I caught my first fish for 2009. All are carps from Fanshawe Lake, London, Ontario. I totally got tired walking to and forth to put the carps on a soft plastic cord so that we could keep the catches alive in the water of the lake before we took them home.

The even more labouring job was to take the carps into my Jeep since the fishing spot was about 2km away from the parking lot. The total of the fish was about 50 lbs.

Small tips:

In the Spring, the snakes are quite active in the field and we can easily encounter them which give us a shocking surprise. So, to be safe, it is a good idea to find some sticks of great elasticity and slash the ground before we walk through to the lake side.



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