Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Disable Browser in Mobile Phones

For mobile service subscribers who only use the voice service, it is quite unpleasant to find that the browser in the phone can be frequently triggered and some unnecessary data service surcharges are incurred. The worst is that the web browser is always in the central position of the menu of the mobile phones. In this end, we can restrict or block the data services from the settings of the mobile device. For this purpose I write down the settings on my cell phone Motorola VE 465.

1. Go to Menu->Settings->Phone->Security;

2. When the item Security is selected, a pop-up of Enter Lock Code is prompted. The lock code for VE 465 is either 1234 or the last four digits of the cell phone number.

3. Enter the lock code and select the item Restrictions;

4. In the menu for Restrictions we can block Data Modem, Browser, Messages or even even some incoming/outgoing calls.

5. Block whatever we want. It is all set and we will never be charged by some careless clicks on the keyboard.

P. S. For other not-too-old cell phones, we can block the data service similarly. It is highly suggested to find a copy of the user manual from the manufacturer's website.



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