Thursday, June 03, 2010

P1756 Jeep Grand cherokee problem

Too bad my Jeep is sick again! P1756: Mid pressure malfunction....Governor sensor/solenoid problem.


Today I checked the transmission fluid level.  It was far too low than normal. Even though I knew the measuring procedure, it is still very annoying and perplexing to read the dipsptick:
One side reading looked ok but the other side was too low.
        Another trouble was that I used Amsoil ATF to flush the tranny and already run  out of it. I had to spend $16 for a single quater in a small auto parts shop. After driving to and forth for almost a whole day, I finally add 1 quater of ATF.

code erased. let's wait and see if it could come again. If it is not the fluid level problem. i had to replace the governor pressure sensor/solenold which will cost more than 260 cad plus tax and extra ATF.

so far so good without replacing anything.



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