Thursday, February 07, 2008

Learning English-2

come in

Long hair for men is coming in these days.

Strawberries will be coming in soon.

Number three well came in last night.。

Which horse came in first?

This is where you come in; we want you to help us get a bank loan.

Can I come in on your plan?

I heard you talking about sharing out the money, but where do I come in?

President Bush's Iraq policies have come in for much criticism in the newspapers.

I don't like a garden party with crowds of people coming in on me.

Suddenly it came in on me that I had left the key behind.

Don't throw that empty box away, it might come in handy another time.

When my ship comes in, I'll send my children abroad.

It's often to one's advantage to come in on the ground floor.

come into

Athina came into a huge fortune when her mother died.

The trade bureau has asked all the shop owners to come into line with the price regulations.

It's a good thing that the mayor's wrong doing has at last come into the open.

The scientific study of dreams has not yet come into its own.

Who knows what factors come into play when these decisions are made?




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