Saturday, February 09, 2008

Learning English-4

come at

I wanted to reply to your letter, but I can’t come at it anywhere.

It is always difficult to come at the truth.

The shrew came at her husband with a rolling-pin.

come away

Come away! The door’s open!

come back

Is Wang Fei expected to come back?

Long skirts are starting to come back.

I didn’t hear you, could you come back?

The soprano sang beautifully, her name will come back to me soon.

Can I come back to you on the project tomorrow?

Our Tokyo correspondent came back at the chief cabinet secretary with some sharp questions.

come before

Your application came before the board of directors yesterday, but I haven’t heard the result.

come between

It’s dangerous to come between two fighting bulls.

Qian Zhongshu, a true scholar, never lets anything come between himself and his work.

come by

Why don’t you come by some afternoon and have tea with me?

come by

How did you come by that beautiful picture?

How did you come by that wound on your arm?

come clean

The prisoner came clean and admitted to stealing two Picasso paintings from the museum.

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